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No More money games & No More waiting for a "payday someday."  This new program is Simple, Extremely Profitable and offers a Unique Product!  Specifically designed to help Everyday People generate a sizable "cash flow"... as soon as possible!  And all you have to do is Mail our Professionally Designed Flyer and/or Postcards.  Or simply direct prospects to your very own website, just like this one!

For Every Order Received We Pay 3-Levels as Follows
  • Level 1: $10... Helps you generate a Fast Cash Flow!
  • Level 2: $10... Leverages Your Profits into a Sizable Income!
  • Level 3: $20... Maximizes Your Income to it's Fullest Potential!

Commission Checks Mailed Weekly!

Join today for the extremely low "One-Time-Payment" of only $59.95... and receive... a 12-Song CD of Original Christian Music written and recorded by Art Rayburn... 120 of our Most Responsive Leads on Peel-n-Stick Labels... Plus a Master Copy of the TRG Profit Max Marketing Flyer imprinted with your Unique Username/ID and web address.

Example:  Mail the TRG Profit Max flyer or postcard until you sponsor 10 people.  If each of them do the same down for levels 2 & 3... the income could amaze you!  With only 10 people through 3 levels (10-100-1,000)... You Could Receive up to $21,100! ($100 + $1,000 + $20,000)  Of Course this is just an example & there is No Guarantee of Income with any home business or income opportunity... but the Earning Potential is Simply Amazing!!! 

Just Image this... with Only 3 Sales Per Week, down 3-Levels, You could Earn $34,320 per Year!  This may well be the easiest extra money you've ever made!  This Program works fast!*


Simple Direct Mail System & Weekly Payouts!

Get Started Today for the Low "One-Time-Payment" of only $59.95.  I'll send you the valuable "product package" (listed above)... a complete New Member Kit by Direct Mail, with Master Copy of Flyer imprinted with Your Unique UserName/ID... Plus, I'll show you how to leverage your "Cash Flow" into Life-Time Residual Income... with No Extra Effort on your part! 

To get started, simply click on the Join Now button below.  Complete the simple Registration Form.  After submitting the form you will be redirected to the payment page. 

Note: You will choose a Username when completing registration form.  Username can be all Letters, all Numbers or a combination of both.  (Example: John316)  Please keep username between 6 - 8 characters.



I've known Art Rayburn for almost 14 years!  Bottom-line: the Opportunities he creates Make Money!  I have tremendous respect for Art, and trust his ideas & leadership!  Listen to this man if you'd like to make more money!
 --- Bob Schwartz, Jr, Publisher, Home Business Advertiser


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Questions? Check out our F.A.Q. page.


* TRG Profit Max is a home business opportunity.  Income examples are for illustrative purposely only and represent forward thinking.  As with ANY home business opportunity there is No Guaranteed Income Amount.  No Refunds, so please make an informed decision.


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