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TRG ProfitMax is a home business opportunity designed to help the "Little Guy" build a sizable income online or by direct mail.  With TRG ProfitMax you can Multiply Your Income Tremendously by building one permanent "downline team" that systematically follows you into several "home income opportunities."  And you NEVER join the "next" program, until you've earned a commission in the previous program!  NO Extra Out-of-Pocket Expense!  Now that's Smart Business!

It doesn't happen very often, but once in a while a truly fantastic money-making opportunity comes along.  An opportunity that offers a rare chance for people just like you to earn extra income from the comfort of home in about 2 - 3 hours per week.  This home business opportunity is helping everyday individuals turn their financial dreams into reality!  They are finally making money and getting out of debt.  We have a proven postcard/flyer system that does the work for you!

Earning a Substantial Home Business Income
just doesn't get any Easier than This!

Here's how this innovative system works: 

You simply build your TRG ProfitMax Downline Team by mailing postcards or flyers, or directing people to your own website like this one.

ONLY AFTER you earn your first TRG ProfitMax $200 commission you'll be given the opportunity to join "optional" program #2... And once you earn your first commission in that program, you'll be give the opportunity to join "optional" program #3.

The members you sponsor into TRG ProfitMax then "follow you" into each "optional" program helping you Earn More Money with No Extra Effort!  Multiple Streams of Income!

The Rayburn Group (TRG) tracks your downline team, sends commission checks, and sends information about the next available program at the proper time.  These are "optional" programs, but highly recommended!  Your Extremely Simple Effort + My Proven System = Easiest Way to Build Massive Home Business Wealth!

Program #1: TRG ProfitMax.  This "One-Time-Pay" program is the Starting Point!  Join TRG ProfitMax by ordering the Product Package listed on the product page.  Earn HUGE $200 Commissions from those members you personally sponsor... plus as a Bonus, earn $25 Commissions from the new members they sponsor!  That's $200 on Level-1 and $25 on Level-2.  No Nickel and Dime program here!  These are serious commissions that can help You Get into Profit Fast!

     Along with your first $200 commission, you receive the opportunity to join...

Program #2: EZ-300 Mailing Leads Program.  You receive 300 Mailing Leads on Peel-n-Stick Labels and are eligible to receive $25 commissions on Levels 1 & 2, when your TRG ProfitMax team members "follow you" into this program.

     Along with your first EZ-300 commission, you receive the opportunity to join...

Program #3: EZ Profit100 Program.  With this Reverse 2-Up program you receive 120 Mailing Labels, a Christian Music CD, plus a complete Online Library of Special Business Reports.  You also earn Whopping $100 Commissions as your team members follow you into this program.

Start by Earning $200 and $25 TRG ProfitMax Commissions... and then Leverage your Downline Team into even More Profits as they "follow you" into the Extremely Lucrative "Optional" Programs! And all you ever do is mail the same Postcard or Flyer to a good quality mailing list! 

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What Others are Saying about Art Rayburn & TRG ProfitMax

Art, it is an honor and pleasure working with a professional and honest networker like you!  The turn-key systems you make available to help your organization grow are excellent and I know work!
--- Roy Babineaux, Former Owner of Cajun Country Candies

I have had the privilege of working with Art Rayburn in the mailing of postcards and building a sizable downline.  I can say that my success has been directly attributed to the exceptional response of the postcards and mailing lists recommended.  Additionally, his response in mailing my commission checks has been exceptional.  If you follow Art's recommendations, I know you will be very successful as I have.
--- Bill W., TX

I've known Art Rayburn for over 14 years!  Bottom-Line: the Opportunities he creates Make Money!  I have tremendous respect for Art, and trust his ideas & leadership!  Listen to this man if you'd like to make more money!
--- Bob Schwartz, Jr, Owner, Home Business Advertiser

Art, I saw your website and it's fabulous.  I think the cost is more than reasonable.  I like your postcard method of finding people to place into the program.  It's a great way to plant the seeds followed by an abundant harvest.
--- Glen M., CA

Wow!!!  Your Amazing postcard business building system has allowed me to build a business with over 150 people in just weeks... and I'm just getting started.
--- Kim, CA

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Please Take Note
You will need Your Sponsor's ID listed below when registering!

Please Write It Down Now!  You'll need this ID to Join!

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Disclaimer:  There is no guaranteed income amount implied or promised.  As with ANY home business opportunity, risk is involved and success is based on your own efforts.  Void where applicable.  Because commissions are paid weekly, there are No Refunds!  By joining TRG ProfitMax and purchasing the product package, you agree to the NO CHARGEBACK POLICY!
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