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TRG Profit Max is a Secondary Income Generating Program that actually supports your Primary Home Business Venture.  Qualified Leads are the "life blood" of every home business program.  With our new "List Builder Prime"... you'll not only build your very own, ever growing, "in-house" mailing list, you can also generate a Sizable Second MLM Income with very little extra effort!

Do You Need Leads for your Primary Home Business Program?

Our List Builder Prime leads are the perfect leads to use in promoting your Primary Home Business Program and in building your own ever-growing "in-house" mailing list.  These are the quality of leads sought after by Home Business Professional & cost between $10-$20 per lead to generate!  I could sell these leads all day long at $2 each.  But as an active member of TRG Profit Max, YOU get 60 List Builder Prime Leads each month on Peel-n-Stick Labels.  That's a $120 Value... but you get these highly sought after leads for pennies on the dollar!

Each month you'll also receive 60 Peel-n-Stick leads from The Rayburn Group "in-house" mailing list.  These leads are older, but still very responsive to quality offers.  We clean this list daily and guarantee their deliverability 3 to 1.   PLUS... we'll throw in 60 FREE Postcards to use with these mailing leads in promoting your TRG Profit Max business every month!

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The TRG Profit Max Compensation Plan pays out $10.00 Per Level...
Down 3 Levels!

Whenever a "paying" member joins from your website, flyer or postcard... you  Earn $10.00 (level 1)

Whenever a "paying" member joins from their website, flyer or postcard... you Earn $10.00 (level 2)

Whenever a "paying member joins from their website, flyer or postcard... you Earn $10.00  (level 3)

When "active" members pay each month, you continue to receive that $10 commission!  Just Imagine How Much You Can Earn with this Monthly Commission Program!



Click Here to Download Complete 8-Page Booklet

TRG Profit Max is the perfect "secondary" income program.  All you do is include a TRG Profit Max flyer when sending information on your Primary MLM program.  You can build your TRG Profit Max downline team even faster by mailing postcards.  Whether using postcards or flyers, you can utilize the TRG Profit Max Fulfillment Center.  Here's how it works:

You join TRG Profit Max thus becoming an independent Affiliate... and receiving a "tracking" ID.

You mail postcards or flyers that include your "tracking" ID.  Or... simply direct people to your very own website, just like this one.

The TRG Profit Max Fulfillment Center does everything else!  When a prospect returns the postcard/flyer to TRG Profit Max, they receive a complete information pack tagged with your "tracking ID"... and are placed in YOUR downline team when they join!

Of course, prospects can join immediately right from your TRG Profit Max website!



  1. Click on the "Join Now" button below and complete the Registration Page.

  2. After submitting the registration, you'll be forwarded to the "Payment Page."  Simply set up your $50 Monthly Auto-Ship.  (This Auto-ship can be easily cancelled by contacting TRG Profit Max.)

  3. Once payment is made simply direct prospects to your website... or mail postcards or flyers!

Note: You will choose a Username when completing registration form.  Username can be all Letters, all Numbers or a combination of both.  (Example: John316)  Please keep username between 6 - 8 characters.



Note about Auto-Ship.  I know some people have concerns about Auto-Ship programs and wonder how difficult it will be to cancel if need be.  I've been right where you're at with other programs.  There's nothing more frustrating than a company making it difficult to cancel an auto-ship.  The Rayburn Group and TRG Profit Max takes this customer service issue very seriously.  You can easily cancel your auto-ship by phone, email, or mail.  Contact us with your request at least 7 business days before the monthly charge date... and we will IMMEDIATELY cancel your auto-ship. And if some reason we make a mistake, we'll gladly refund that month's charge.


I've known Art Rayburn for almost 14 years!  Bottom-line: the Opportunities he creates Make Money!  I have tremendous respect for Art, and trust his ideas & leadership!  Listen to this man if you'd like to make more money!
 --- Bob Schwartz, Jr, Publisher, Home Business Advertiser


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Questions? Check out our F.A.Q. page.


* TRG Profit Max is a home business opportunity.  Income examples are for illustrative purposely only and represent forward thinking.  As with ANY home business opportunity there is No Guaranteed Income Amount.  No Refunds, so please make an informed decision.


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